Greece has a vibrant cultural and social life. Therefore, we propose some unique Events throughout the year in several parts of Greece.

To start with, we recommend our Guests to participate in cultural performances organised during the summer period in Athens, Epidaurus or Delphi.

There are many religious festivities in Greece, the most solemn, of course, is the Greek Orthodox Eastern (Pascha). We advise our Guests to take part in one or more ceremonies during the Holy Week in spring on a Greek Island or Athens. We also counsel our Guests to participate in the “Panegyria”, often organised at the villages’ main square (“Plateia”) for celebrating the local saints. Famous panegyria are organised in the Islands of Lesbos, Chios or Ikaria!

We consider as an amazing authentic experience in autumn to actively participate in the harvest of wine grapes or in the homemade distillation of tsipouro (the Greek Grappa). Another great activity is to take part at the collection of olives in early winter. In many cases, these events are combined with abundant popular feasts. Doubtless, these events allow our Guests to immerge into authenticity, mankind history, philoxenia and Greek gastronomy.

We are delighted to plan and facilitate your next Greek divine Experience!