Greece, an iconic destination


Greece is a magnificent country between Europe and Asia, the cradle of the European civilisation, founder of the humanistic values provides you permanently with divine experiences. Greeks take pride of their history, the 6000 islands, the breath-taking nature and the uncountable cultural treasures, 18 of which are classified by UNESCO as world heritage sites.


“Gods are disguised as strangers”. Since Homer, it was common belief that Gods are disguised as foreigners to check on the hospitality (Theoxenia) of the common people. Since then, the art of Theoxenia is dare to modern Greeks. The team of Great Gods assists you in discovering the divine art of Theoxenia in our land of overwhelming experiences.

Geographically, Greece has 13 Regions


East Macedonia & Thrace
Central Macedonia
West Macedonia

Ionian Islands
Central Greece
West Greece

South Aegean
North Aegean


What is the best time to travel to Greece?

Greece is an excellent all-year destination.

When to book?

The earliest, the best.

Is Greece a children friendly destination?

Absolutely, yes! We are more than happy to tailor your divine holidays for the entire family.

Why to choose Great Gods for my Greek experience?

We care about your delight, are flexible, well connected and experienced. And yes, we about our Planet.

Is Greece a destination for family gatherings?

For sure! Family gatherings have a long tradition and not only since Mama Mia…

Is Greece a destination for solo travelers?

Definitely yes! Never a dull moment for you, unless you wish so…

Is Greece a wellbeing destination?

There are many excellent well-being places in Greece. Best, in conjunction with other activities.

Which are the general travel terms and conditions?

View our General Terms and Conditions here. Happy to assist you further, if additional queries.

Does Greece offer adventure?

A lot, if you wish to! Depending on the season, climbing, trekking, canyoning, cycling, racing, yachting are definitely part of the Greek experience.

Is Greece an accessible destination?

Greece makes a lot of efforts to improve its accessibility and meet European international standards.

How to access Greece best?

Most tourists fly to Greece. There are 15 international airports with numerous point to point service. Seaside from Italian harbors or landside from Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria or Turkey.

What do I need to know about Covid19 or other Health issues in Greece?

Under this site you will find actual information on Covid19 in Greece

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